5 Reasons why the best schools implement painting maintenance plans


by Higgins Coatings

Regardless of your school’s ethos, educational model, location or size, painting maintenance is an important aspect that directly affects your students, their parents, current and potential investors and your teachers. There are two approaches to school maintenance; addressing needs as they arise, or implementing a preventative plan. 

While the differences between the two may sound negligible, the reality is starkly different. Here are five reasons why best schools implement a long term painting maintenance plan:

1. They know the aesthetic environment impacts the attitude of students, teachers and investors

Our external environment has a real impact on our attitude and motivation. An ongoing maintenance plan ensures that the school environment is conducive to learning and is safe for students and employees. Importantly, the appearance of your school buildings is the first interaction a prospective student or patron has with your school, and if this is less than optimal, it can turn them off – even before they set foot in the building.

2. They’re aware of the ramifications of adhoc painting and maintenance

As mentioned in the previous point, the aesthetics of a building convey a sense of internal operations. If a school premises is run down or neglected, even the most stellar reputation will eventually become muddied. Ill-maintained school exteriors negatively influence external attitudes, from those of potential investors, patrons, and students, to existing learners, parents and employees.

3. They’re financially savvy

Superior schools know it’s more cost effective to make regular improvements to the premises than it is to completely renovate and repaint. In addition, keeping on top of painting requirements ensures warranties are honoured, as reputable contractors will conduct an annual site visit to ensure any faults or issues are dealt with before they become problematic. This is opposed to once-off contractors who complete ad hoc work as they aren’t contractually obliged to return. Effective financial management is a priority for all schools, and by implementing a painting maintenance plan, school administrators avoid expensive overhauls of neglected buildings and emergency maintenance costs.

4. They know that ‘prevention is better than cure’

A regular painting maintenance plan provides a valuable first barrier of defence for your buildings. This safeguards your premises from environmental damage, such as the effects of prolonged exposure to the sun and structural damage (especially in wooden buildings) that can arise from damp. Timely, scheduled maintenance minimises natural deterioration and can eliminate the costly repair or replacement of building components. A regular painting upkeep plan provided by professional painters should address each area as needed. For example, if a surface doesn’t require repainting at the scheduled time, it may be cleaned instead. This further reduces costs and mitigates against future damage.

5. They value their time – and that of their students

Orchestrating and implementing the painting and maintenance of a school can quickly become a time-consuming and interruptive process. Painting maintenance, however, can be rendered fast and within a flexible schedule – ensuring classes proceed as usual. Higgins mitigates these interruptions by providing flexible and efficient painting and maintenance that works around the schedule at hand. For example, if a school has planned maintenance during the holiday period, Higgins will ensure that all work is completed by the time school reopens, thanks to a rigorous and strategically planned process.

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