Seven ways to entertain, educate and engage

We all love movies, but have you ever thought you could use a portable cinema system at your school all year round, and not just for movies and fun?

1. Fundraising events

It comes as no surprise that school parents’ organisations love outdoor cinema. Movie night is a great event which can be a major fundraising activity, it is easier to organise than a school fete, it is guaranteed to draw crowds and bring so much needed cash to your school.  

However, most P&C associations prefer to hire the outdoor cinema for the night. It costs around a thousand dollars to hire the equipment and the technician, but there is one little secret school mums and dads do not know. 

The reality is – they could DIY, without a hiring company, provided your school has a portable cinema. One person can set up an inflatable movie screen big enough for 650 people within 20 minutes. And all AV equipment is so easy to connect and operate that no technical knowledge is required at all. 

The only expense of the school committee would be getting the license to show the movie. To get the license, one needs to fill in the one page form obtained from Roadshow PPL or Amalgamated Movies and pay the licensing fee, which depends on the size of the audience and your location. That’s all the effort required for a fabulous fundraising event.

2. Information nights and graduation events  

No matter how big your auditorium, there are days when your audience is bigger. Information nights and graduation events may require showing videos, photos, and presentations on a big screen, so that hundreds of people would be able to see it. Portable movie screens give you the flexibility to choose the space where the event will be held, and allow you to cater for a bigger audience for lower cost. 

The only factor you need to take into account is light – even the brightest projectors will not be able to deliver a decent picture if there’s a lot of ambient light around. So place your screen and projector in the darkest corner of your hall, turn off the lights, and let the show begin. 

3. Disco Party

Is it your annual disco for students? No need to invite professional DJs. Turn the portable cinema into a disco station – simply project pre-selected musical videos on a big screen, or play the music via the speakers, and show the slides of your choice on the screen – be it photos of the students, or presentations and projects made by students. 

4. Sports and outdoor events

Holding events or sports activities outdoors or in a big hall? Save your staff’s vocal cords with a portable PA system, which happens to be a part of the portable cinema package. A pair of speakers together with a lightweight and portable multimedia control system allows making announcements and playing music from USB, smartphone, or laptop, wherever you are. 

5. Enhance your media and visual arts programs

For starters, teach students how to set up and run an outdoor cinema event. This could be a great project, which could even give students some budgeting and event management skills. Secondly, movie making will be more fun if the freshly made films could be projected to a big screen.

6. Use it all year round

Projector supplied with a portable cinema is over 3000 ANSI Lumen bright, which is just right for any standard screen (90-100”) in a lit room. Which means the projector does not have to wait idle until your next movie event – it can be used all year round in the classroom.

7. Say thank you with a movie

Say “thank you” to your community – students, parents, and teachers – with an end of year party and movie night. Easy to organise, this event can coincide with Christmas celebrations, and is a great way to get everyone together for a beautiful celebration. 

Now that you know that a portable cinema is highly versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors, for education, entertainment, and community engagement, let’s have a quick overview of the product offering. ASCA has recently appointed Smart Digital as the ASCA recommended supplier for portable cinema systems.

Movie screen

Portable cinema systems from Smart Digital come with inflatable movie screens. These screens can be constant flow (which means they require a blower constantly operating, similar to a jumping castle), or sealed (more like an air bed, they are filled in with air once, and are absolutely quiet). While the first option is mostly used outdoors, the second one is great for indoor presentations. As an option, a complimentary folding screen can be paired with an outdoor screen for further versatility of the system.

PA System

The sound system supplied with the package is both portable and powerful. A pair of speakers and a subwoofer create dramatic sound, whether indoors, or outdoors, and speaker stands are also part of the standard package. 

The multimedia control system SmartBox® complements the speakers as a part of the portable PA system. SmartBox® is a portable lightweight case with built-in audio mixer to control the sound, Blu-Ray / DVD player, wired or wireless microphones, and other components depending on the model. Control the volume of the audio signals from different sources, play movies from compact discs and show files from USB, connect devices with HDMI cable, and take control of the show in your hands.

Projector: Special offer for ASCA members

The Smart Digital special offer to ASCA members is a free upgrade to a short throw projector. This upgrade will be highly beneficial for schools because the short throw projector can be placed closer to the screen, which saves on space. If you are using the screen in an auditorium with some ambient light, placing the projector closer to the screen makes the image brighter. This is the best choice of  projector not only for inflatable movie screens, but also for interactive whiteboards and fixed frame screens normally used at schools. 


This is what other Grovedale College says about Smart Digital: 

“What an amazing screen! Recently our school needed to purchase a large movie screen to cater for increased demand at information nights and other College events.

Smart Digital provided some excellent advice and suggestions to us and demonstrated different options.  A great team to work with.”

Davin Reid, Assistant Principal, Grovedale College

To engage, educate and entertain your school community with a portable cinema, contact Smart Digital Australia on 03 9729 6300 and mention your ASCA membership.