Education Perfect

Online learning and assessment toolkit

Education Perfect is currently used by over 1600 schools in Australia and 2700 schools worldwide. 

Education Perfect is an online learning and assessment toolkit for Year 5-12 used to effectively support teaching and learning, focused on student outcomes.

Benefits include:

  • High-quality curriculum-aligned content for English, Maths, Science, Languages, Humanities, HPE, Digital Technologies, EAL, and more

  • Supports differentiation, personalised learning, and auto-remediation

  • Consolidates existing resources (grammar workbooks, single-subject programs, textbooks) into one platform saving money

  • In-depth diagnostic tools to quickly and easily identify student misconceptions

  • Saves significant time marking allowing focus on teaching

  • Encourages and supports a school’s 1:1 computer program

  • Customisable resources with advanced content creation tools so you can tailor our content to perfectly suit your students.

Education Perfect offer local support with teams based in Sydney, Melbourne, South Australia, Perth, and Brisbane. Ongoing professional development, training, content updates and feature upgrades are included in your subscription.

Member benefit:

  • Set up your complimentary teacher login and free trial today by clicking here and get in touch to organise a zoom or in-school meeting




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