What does ASCA membership mean?

Membership Types

ASCA provides two services for member schools:

  • Canteen service – Supply and distribution of products and services for the school canteen
  • School service – Supply and distribution of products and services for the school

So there are two types of ASCA membership:

  • Full membership - Schools can choose to be 'full members' which means that they receive both the canteen service and the school service
  • School membership – For schools that have no canteen or outsource their canteen, they can elect to be 'school members' and receive only the school service.

Membership Fees

Schools pay an annual membership fee unless they are eligible for One-Stop-Shop membership and commit to being a client of their local ASCA One-Stop-Shop distributor.

One-Stop-Shop Membership

In some regions, schools can choose a particular kind of full membership called “One Stop Shop”. In these regions, ASCA has a food services distributor partner - known as the One-Stop-Shop distributor. ASCA seeks to maximise the range of products that this distributor can supply to schools in the region, to reduce administration and deliveries for member schools.

Our surplus funds go to Australian charities which support the education of vulnerable children. 


  • Each year ASCA will send a membership renewal letter to your school
  • The letter will include highlights of the year, savings made by your school by using ASCA suppliers, and plans for the new year ahead
  • If you receive a membership renewal invoice, please return the updated invoice to ASCA
  • Please advise ASCA of any change in your membership details

ASCA keeps the following details for your school:

  • School Name
  • Membership Type
  • Address
  • Principal - Name, Phone number, E-Mail address
  • Business Manager - Name, Phone number, E-Mail address
  • Canteen Manager - Name, Phone number, E-Mail address

If your membership details need updating, please contact your Area Manager or email