Become an ASCA member

ASCA membership is easy and inexpensive.

Membership fees are maintained at a low level.

ASCA membership is open to all schools – state, independent or private, and primary or secondary. Schools can choose to be Full Members, which includes both the School Membership services and the Canteen Membership services, or School Members, which includes only the School Membership services.

  • Canteen Membership Services include specialist food and beverage purchasing services along with advice about managing effective and profitable canteens
  • School Membership Services provide access to the buying group for general school purchasing and complimentary advisory services.

If you have a school canteen there are a number of regions where ASCA can offer complimentary One Stop Shop membership through a partnership arrangement with the local food services distributor specialising in schools.

To find out more about becoming a member, please contact ASCA head office on (03) 9818 8185 or email us at

If you would like to become an ASCA member, complete the ASCA Membership Application Form and email it to or fax to (03) 9818 2398. We will be in touch to finalise your membership.

Once you become an ASCA member, you can enjoy substantial savings in your canteen and/or across a range of products that your school purchases.

Become a member today!