What type of organisation is ASCA?

ASCA is a not for profit member association of schools. The Board consists of current and former school Principals and Business Managers.

What is the cost to join?

There is no cost for the school to join ASCA. There is a separate membership for school canteens, however, and there may be a cost for the canteen and or/caterer that runs the canteen.

Which schools are members?

There are approximately 6,000 member schools, with over 4,000 using the canteen service as well. ASCA has members in every state and territory. Members include primary and secondary schools, state, independent and catholic schools.

What services does ASCA provide?

School members can access advice on the best value suppliers for the school in various categories. Most ASCA recommended suppliers provide additional discounts of value-adding services for ASCA member schools. Similar services are provided to school canteens about canteen suppliers, as well as specific canteen advice, and outsourcing advice.

How does ASCA choose suppliers to recommend?

ASCA asks its member schools who they recommend, researches the market for the best value suppliers in the school market, and negotiates with suppliers for additional benefits for member schools.

Do schools and canteens have to buy from ASCA suppliers?

Use of the suppliers is optional. For school canteens, it is important that they use the local distributor recommended by ASCA, as most ASCA discounts are negotiated with manufacturers of food and drink only when supplied by the recommended distributor.

What are the benefits for member schools?

ASCA recommends best value suppliers for schools who already have a strong record in schools, and so helps save the legwork for schools when selecting suppliers. ASCA members get the best prices and conditions from recommended suppliers, and most provide special benefits for ASCA members. When schools buy from ASCA recommended suppliers they indirectly help ASCA fund the education of vulnerable children. ASCA Area Managers are an independent source of information for schools and canteens to utilise. 

How does ASCA help vulnerable children?

ASCA profits are placed into a charitable trust and the income from the charitable trust is donated each year to charities that support the education of vulnerable children. In our 40th Anniversary year in 2019 we donated $250,000, and in 2020 this was increased due to the added needs of these charities in the current pandemic. 

How does ASCA select charities to support?

Charities must use the donation from ASCA to support the education of vulnerable children. The ASCA charitable trust has an independent board that selects charities to support. In 2020 we supported 10 charities including The Smith Family and St Vincent De Paul.

How do I find out more about ASCA?

More information is available at, including how to join ASCA, and how staff can register for various special services. Also, ASCA has Area Managers for each state and territory who are available to assist you.