Specialised Energy Strategy and Auditing Services

Energy is once again topical.

Building and Site operation costs continue to be problematic. Board, Finance Committee and Community demand for clean energy, technological innovations and cost management strategies continue to increase.

Business Managers, Facility Managers and Principals know solutions are required, but time to invest considered and deliberate thought into an Energy Reduction Strategy is simply not tangible. Investing in the technology or systems themselves is plagued with technical jargon and aggressive sales and marketing strategies. 

Mamachi knows Schools. Mamachi has enjoyed 10 years in energy, and the last 3 years exclusively servicing Schools. In that time they have visited, assessed and provided meaningful, ongoing energy cost reduction, sustainability or curricular strategies into over 400 Schools nationally.

Whether its existing buildings or Master Planning. If your School is continuing, commencing or consolidating its Energy Strategy. Mamachi can support, and thanks to their low cost, high-value services and technology solutions it doesn't need to hurt the budget either! 

Mamachi can assist with:

  • Energy Strategy Development or Consolidation
  • Lighting and HVAC (Heating and Cooling) Asset Registry Development and Business Case, Design & Competitive Quoting Processes
  • Solar and Storage Analysis, Design and Competitive Quoting Processes
  • Building Optimisation, Monitoing and Load Management Systems;
  • New Build and Master Planning Lighting Specification and Stakeholder Management (Architects, Builders, Electricians)
  • Stakeholder Engagement including Students, Staff, Leadership, Finance Committee & Board and Community;
  • Curricular Program Development and Implementation.

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Matt Jones

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