100% Club  

A thank you from ASCA!

What is the 100% Club?

ASCA created the 100% Club to thank schools for supporting our key suppliers.

100% Club has 2 levels:

  • Gold
  • Silver

Members are eligible for:

  • A quarterly $100 prize-draw each term
  • Priority invitations to ASCA movie nights and other special events
  • Gold members receive a bonus 5,000 ASCA Rewards points each year!

How to become a 100% Club member:

All you have to do is purchase* from each of the ASCA core suppliers and you will automatically qualify.

Click here to see which core suppliers you need to buy from in your state.

Our core suppliers are market leaders in their category and their products are canteen-approved and are popular with students; therefore assuring you a high-quality product and good sales. By purchasing products from these key suppliers, the savings available to your canteen will be maximised and you'll enjoy the benefits!

Benefiting the school, the Canteen Manager, and reaching children in need

When your Canteen purchases from the core ASCA suppliers, you are also helping ASCA’s charitable foundation which supports the education of disadvantaged children.

Join the 100% Club today, simply by purchasing! 

* Minimum spend of $100 with each supplier