Catering Firms

For Catering Companies & Contractors

Catering firms & independent Contractors wishing to become Members should contact us or fill out a membership request form.

Benefits for catering firms are:

  • ASCA Membership ensures access to the best suppliers and prices through our One-Stop-Shop distributor network
  • ASCA can provide independent accreditation at no cost (normal cost for non-members is $1,000)
  • ASCA recommends schools only use catering firms that are members of ASCA - currently, we have over 6,000 member schools nationally

Key Considerations for Catering Companies/Contractors

There are some key points that catering companies take into consideration to assist in determining the rates of rebate offered to schools. Rates will vary according to:

  • Primary vs. secondary schools. Large contractors will rarely look at a Primary school with under 500 students
  • Enrolment numbers and student mix. Senior secondary schools (Yrs 10-12) have the highest spend rate, but the shortest year
  • Proximity of the school to shops, and the school’s policy re students accessing shops
  • Length of contract

For further information contact us.

For Schools

If your school has a Canteen that is not run by the school, make sure your canteen operator calls ASCA to enquire about becoming an Affiliate Member.

If the caterer/contractor becomes a Member of ASCA, your school automatically receive a free School Membership, giving access to savings from ASCA’s great range of school suppliers.

  • Your caterer/contractor will be able to access the same member benefits as an ASCA school - strong quality suppliers, superior service, and ASCA’s savings on canteen products. This will ensure a better quality service from the contractor
  • If the contractor becomes ASCA 5 star accredited, your school will have peace of mind that the contractor has been independently assessed.

In the interest of the school you should insist that your caterer/contractor has ASCA membership for the following reasons:

  • ASCA does its own due diligence on catering firms before admitting them as members
  • ASCA membership ensures that the firm uses quality, reputable suppliers
  • ASCA’s lower supplier prices maximise the opportunity for the firm to increase profits and the school to optimise its income without compromising quality and service
  • Catering firms/contractors are encouraged to be independently assessed by ASCA in order to gain ASCA's 5 Star Accreditation

A number of catering firms/contractors are members of ASCA. We can provide a list of catering companies who are already ASCA members for your reference should you need assistance in selecting someone.