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Canteen Managers and Caterers can earn points towards vouchers by simply purchasing ASCA Rewards catalogue products!

Each ASCA member has only one designated user that can claim rewards for their School Canteen (usually the Canteen Manager).

If you are a Caterer running a school Canteen, you can also register for ASCA Rewards and you will accumulate the rewards points for all schools for which you are running the school Canteen. Please only register once under your catering business name.

ASCA Rewards vouchers are sent by email to the registered user’s supplied email address.

How does it work?

  1. You need to be the registered user for your school to view ASCA rewards details
  2. Points accumulate based on your orders per term/quarter (Jan - Mar, Apr - Jun, Jul - Sep, Oct - Dec) and are uploaded to your ASCA Rewards account
    • Note there is a lag in uploading points as we need to wait for quarterly sales data from our distributors to calculate your points, but you have 2 years to redeem your points earned once they are uploaded
  3. ASCA Rewards vouchers can be claimed by redeeming points that you have accumulated against vouchers of your choice
  4. Redeemed Voucher 'orders' are processed once a month and emailed directly to your inbox
  5. The system will automatically redeem your oldest points first - so you don't have to worry - just make sure you redeem regularly!
  6. Accumulated ASCA Rewards points must be redeemed within two years or they will expire
  7. For more info see our handy FAQ's link below

*If a member's Canteen membership is not renewed then points will be lost and cannot be redeemed.