ASCA Rewards FAQ's

ASCA Rewards - What is ASCA Rewards?

ASCA Rewards is ASCA’s loyalty program for ASCA members who use the ASCA canteen service. ASCA’s previous loyalty program, Better Choices, was run by NCW, and ASCA Rewards replaces this program. The Better Choices program finished in 2015. Rewards are provided to ASCA members who register to participate in ASCA Rewards and who buy supplier products listed in the Product Catalogue for ASCA Rewards.

ASCA Rewards – Is there a cost?

There is no cost for ASCA members to participate in ASCA Rewards.

ASCA Rewards – How do members participate?

Members can participate in ASCA Rewards by registering for the Rewards program. Each member nominates one person to be the registered user of ASCA Rewards – the person is usually the Canteen Manager or Convenor. Members can only participate in ASCA Rewards through the ASCA website at, where members can register, view rewards points earned and claim rewards. For assistance speak to your ASCA Area Manager or call ASCA on 1800 219 556.

ASCA Rewards - What are the benefits?

A registered member school will earn reward points when purchasing products listed in the Product Catalogue, and the points can be redeemed for rewards for the school. All suppliers of rewards are suppliers to school canteens or the school itself.

ASCA Rewards - Does participating in ASCA Rewards impact my existing benefits?

No, all ASCA benefits such as supplier discounts or specials are unchanged. The ASCA Rewards benefits are in addition to existing benefits. Further, if your ASCA supplier has its own loyalty program, then the rewards from ASCA Rewards are in addition to the rewards you get from your supplier. ASCA Rewards - How do I receive information about ASCA Rewards? Read your ASCA Canteen Newsletter which is sent to you before the beginning of each term. It will give you information about ASCA Rewards and the new Product Catalogue for the new term. To obtain full details about the products in the Product Catalogue you should visit and look at the new Product Catalogue. Information will also be sent to you by email to ensure you receive maximum benefit from ASCA Rewards.

Catering firms - I am a school caterer so can I be part of the ASCA Rewards program?

Yes, but you must be an affiliated member of ASCA. (See – How do I register for ASCA Rewards) If you are not an ASCA member or you want to receive advice about ASCA Rewards then contact ASCA for help at or call 1800 219 556. A school catering firm will only have one ASCA Rewards account, and you must have a registered user for ASCA Rewards. You must ensure that you have advised ASCA about every school client that you have. All your Reward points for all your schools will be accumulated in your single account.

Email address – Why do you need my email address?

Your email address is important as all information about ASCA Rewards, including reward vouchers, is sent to the email address provided by the registered user of the loyalty program.

Login - How do I log into the website for ASCA Rewards?

You must first be logged into the ASCA website to see information about ASCA Rewards. If your school has a user name and password you can use that, although it is preferable for you (the canteen) to have your own login details. Then click the ‘Member Loyalty Program’ button, and then ‘register’ for ASCA Rewards. If your school does not have a login or you would like your own login, then click the ‘Register’ button on the homepage. (See – How do I register for ASCA rewards). If you still need assistance call your Area Manager or the help desk on 1880 219 556.

Marketing Material - Can you stop sending me marketing material?

You can opt out of receiving marketing information in relation to the ASCA Rewards program, however this will prevent us from providing you with some of the main benefits of the ASCA Rewards program including, but not limited to, point accrual information. As an online rewards program, by opting out, we cannot guarantee your ongoing participation in the program.

Nominated User – What is the nominated registered user of ASCA Rewards?

Each member can only have one nominated registered user of ASCA Rewards, the loyalty program registered user. We send all information about ASCA Rewards to this person, including Rewards Vouchers. So if your Canteen Manager changes and she/he was the nominated loyalty program user, then you will need to change the registered user on the ASCA website.

Nominated User - How do we change our registered ASCA Rewards user?

The new nominated user should register for ASCA Rewards by completing registration on the ASCA website. At the bottom of the registration form, complete the “(Optional) Replace Existing Loyalty Account” section of the form. You will need to enter the login details (user name and password) of the previous registered user. If you do not have this information then contact the ASCA helpdesk on 1800 219 556 for assistance.

Password – What is my password?

It is more secure if you set up your own user name, and your chosen password, when you register on the ASCA website. If you forget your password then you can indicate this when you logon and you will be sent a temporary password. You can then set up a new password. If you are using the school’s website registration and user name then you should use the school’s password. If you do not know the password then call ASCA helpdesk on 1800 219 556 for assistance. Password - How can I change my password? You can click ‘Request new password’ on the login screen.

Points - How do I earn ASCA Rewards points?

Rewards points are acquired by purchasing from chosen supplier products which are listed in the ASCA Product Catalogue, available at Select “Product Catalogue” from the “Member Loyalty Program” menu and choose the Catalogue for the quarter you wish to view.

Points - How do I see my Rewards points balance?

You can check your Rewards points balance by logging onto the ACA website and selecting “View Reward Points” from the “Member Loyalty Program” menu. Points - When will I see my Rewards points? Reward points are added to your account in ASCA Rewards each quarter. It takes approximately two months after the end of a quarter for your points to be added to the system. The ASCA Rewards quarters are: 1 Jan - 31 Mar Reward points earned in this quarter will generally be received in May 1 Apr - 30 Jun Reward points earned in this quarter will generally be received in August 1 Jul - 30 Sep Reward points earned in this quarter will generally be received in November 1 Oct - 31 Dec Reward points earned in this quarter will generally be received in February Points – There is a discrepancy in my Reward points The following are the most common reasons for Reward points discrepancies or points not being viewed in your account: Your points are added each quarter, but it takes approximately 2 months after the end of a quarter to load your points. Leave time before you look for your points for the previous quarter. Products in the Product Catalogue change each quarter so check that you have bought products from the correct quarter’s Catalogue. The products must be exactly what is described in the Catalogue – check things like flavour and pack size. Remember that you must buy the products from the designated ASCA supplier. If you buy a product in the catalogue from a food distributor which is not an ASCA distributor then you will receive no Reward points. If you feel there is a discrepancy in your points balance, contact or call 1800 219 556.

Points - Do ASCA Rewards points expire?

Reward points are available for use for two years after which they will expire. At the end of each Reward quarter, any unused points (after two years) will be forfeited. Points are forfeited from the oldest quarter. Points - My ASCA Rewards points are no longer available – I am no longer an ASCA member. If you have not renewed your membership of ASCA then you will no longer be able to access or redeem any Reward points that have been accumulated in the past. If your membership has lapsed accidentally then contact ASCA for help at or call 1800 219 556.

Privacy - Is my information private?

ASCA will treat all information it receives about your purchases with total confidentiality and it will not be passed to third parties for marketing purposes.

Registration - What is Registration?

An ASCA member needs to opt in to become a participant in ASCA Rewards and this is done by registering for ASCA Rewards. Details of only one person can be given through the Registration.

Registration - How do I register for ASCA Rewards?

Before you are able to register for ASCA Rewards you must login to the ASCA website using your user name (email address) and password. All information about ASCA Rewards will be sent to this email address. It is preferable to use your own email address as the user name, but if this is inconvenient then alternatively you can register using your school’s logon details and email address. Once you are logged in select “Register for Loyalty Program” in the “Member Loyalty Program” menu. Your school details will be displayed and should be checked. To register for ASCA Rewards you will need to click the two checkboxes at the bottom of the page, thereby agreeing that you are the nominated user of the loyalty program for your school, and that you agree to the terms and conditions. You should then submit the form.

Registration - When should I register for ASCA Rewards?

You need to register as soon as possible otherwise you will not receive reward points for purchases that are eligible for rewards.

Registration - I am the school’s user of ASCA rewards but someone has already been registered – what do I do?

You will receive an error message when you register advising you that your school already has a registered user. If you are replacing this user then you will need the user name and password of this user and you can use the option to change the user which is on the registration form. If you need help call 1800 219 556 or email

Rewards - What are the rewards?

All rewards are vouchers from selected suppliers that can be redeemed for credits with the supplier. To see what rewards are available Login and select “Rewards” from the “Member Loyalty Program” menu.

Rewards - How do I claim a reward?

Login and select - ”Rewards” from the “Member Loyalty Program” menu. Follow the steps to select the supplier, and the reward you wish to claim. You will be advised how many Reward points you have used, or if you do not have sufficient points. A receipt of your reward will be emailed to you and the reward sent via email at a later date.

Rewards - How often can I claim a reward?

You can claim a reward at any time during the year, but ASCA will only process the claim once a quarter when it will send you your rewards.

Rewards - How many rewards can I claim?

If your point balance allows, you can claim multiple rewards at once. Rewards - I have not received my reward At the end of a Rewards quarter, all claimed rewards are distributed to you via email. (See – How often can I claim a reward.)

Rewards - How do I redeem my reward vouchers?

Each reward voucher comes with specific ordering instructions printed on the voucher. When you contact the supplier where you wish to redeem the voucher for a credit, the supplier will ask for the voucher reference number and your school details. If you cannot find these instructions, call 1800 219 556 or email

Rewards - I am no longer the Canteen Manager, can I claim my rewards?

No – rewards can only be redeemed by the current nominated representative of an ASCA member. Any points remaining at the completion of employment will be held over until a new representative is appointed.

Terms and Conditions – What are these?

You can view the terms and conditions for participating in ASCA Rewards by accessing the Loyalty Program menu on the website, and clicking on Terms and Conditions. The terms and conditions are similar to those in other loyalty programs.

Website - What can I see on the ASCA website?

The ASCA website contains much useful information about ASCA membership, including recommended suppliers, discounts and specials. The ASCA Rewards program information is only available on ASCA’s website and can be accessed by going to “Member Loyalty Program” at the far right of the menu bar.

Website - Why do I need to Register and Log onto the ASCA website?

ASCA members need to register on the ASCA website with a user name (email address) and password. This enables members to logon again in the future. The logon is necessary to ensure privacy of member information, and to ensure a school can see information that is relevant to the region where it is located.

Website - How do I register for the ASCA website?

All ASCA member schools have website registration automatically set up including a user name (school email address) and a password. If you don’t know this information contact ASCA for help at . The email address that is used for registration will become the user name, and all information about the website will be sent to this email address. If this is inconvenient then alternatively you can register yourself for the website by providing your own email address. After you have entered registration details, confirmation of your user name and password will be sent to your email address. If you are registering for the first time to use the ASCA website then you will also be asked if you wish to be the registered user for the loyalty program, ASCA Rewards. If you answer yes, then confirmation of your registration will be sent to your email address.