Celebrate Canteen Week 2024

Celebrate Canteen Week is an annual event run by ASCA to promote the importance of school canteens to their respective communities and to thank the staff and volunteers involved with running the canteen. 

So many Canteens did it hard in recent years due to school closures and disruptions brought about by COVID-19 and many other factors, so we couldn't think of a better time to join together and all say THANK YOU

We invite your school community to celebrate your canteen or tuckshops during Celebrate Canteen Week each year.

How to Celebrate Canteen Week

  1. Talk to your School Principal about awarding some Certificates of Appreciation to your staff and volunteers during the school assembly that week and popping a feature in your school Newsletter
  2. Put up posters, bunting and other decorations like pics of your Canteen staff along with their names 
  3. Use your biggest sellers and favourite dishes to get the school community involved with dishes that are well-loved! 
  4. Colour theme your days with a different colour milkshake each day using different fruits - strawberry, banana, blueberries - you can then finish the week with a colour fun run!
  5. Jump on our Facebook page and share what you're doing - we'd love to see you celebrating and you might inspire other Canteen Managers!
  6. If you have a 'Red' day that you are allowed to use, save it for Celebrate Canteen Week and have a pizza, or pancake day
  7. Use the resources below to get the whole school involved! All are FREE and instantly printable. 

There are lots more tips in the below Top Tips Cheat Sheet!

Resources to help you Celebrate Canteen Week!

  • Posters you can print out or even include in your school Newsletter or e-News
  • Fun "Canteen Week" coloured bunting (this is sure to draw attention!)
  • Certificates of appreciation - print out and award to Canteen staff and volunteers at assembly - let them know you appreciate their efforts!
  • Primary word search and colouring games you can print & hand out to classes (Canteen Prizes for the winners!)
  • Recipe Card ideas for fun and healthy meals
  • CCW Hints and Tips 'cheat sheet'

CCW Printable Bunting

Click here to download your CCW Bunting!

This colourful decoration is bound to get everyone's attention!

Primary Word Search Game

Click here to download the Primary Word Search Game!

(Click here to download the separate answer key)

Offer some prizes for the first 5 students to complete this correctly!