Online ordering & cashless payments

Online Ordering and Cashless Payment Systems

ASCA is a strong supporter of online ordering systems for parents and cashless payment systems, as they increase productivity in school canteens and reduce the administrative overhead for schools of parent payments. Parents in schools that have introduced such systems are overwhelmingly supporters of the systems.

ASCA has negotiated with leading suppliers of such systems to provide discounts to ASCA members.

The systems provide web-based electronic ordering, payments and transactions service for schools, P&Cs and their communities. The online payments platform covers all the services typically provided on school campuses including fees, uniforms, excursions, canteens, seated events and fundraisers; irrespective of whether the service is provided by the school, the P&C or a 3rd Party.  

Secondary schools can extend the service to introduce cashless purchasing at the point of sale through integration with existing student ID cards. The card payment service is particularly useful in canteens where it not only increases productivity, but it also reduces the likelihood that middle school students will go off campus to buy food and drinks not available at the canteen. In addition, the systems keep good records of sales increasing the school’s ability to manage a profitable canteen.

Studies overseas have found that in school canteens, the introduction of online ordering and cashless payment systems can increase canteen turnover by as much as 30%.

ASCA Suppliers

ASCA members can obtain significant discounts from leading suppliers of online ordering and cashless payment systems. Click here to see our suppliers in this category.